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Re: Message from Andrew & Chris Fox




You've just discovered the turning point in making Facebook unleash a ton of Free traffic to any fan page you want...


Matt Ford

"Love the ability to share content and
affiliate links straight from iTunes -
there's nothing else out there like this"


"Foxy, this is genius. I've been testing this for a couple of days since you gave me early access, and nothing even comes close to FB Gorilla. Flash games catalog and pulling content from the NY Times - is really awesome.

Love the ability to share content and affiliate links straight from iTunes. I would've never thought to monetize like that, plus you can schedule everything automatically, so it makes it easy when I'm traveling. This product could easily sell for $197 with all the features you have included."


"I am 55 and did not grow up on computers - and this is truly awesome!! I LOVE IT - took me less than 10 minutes"




We've just changed how the game is played …..again


Unless you've been hiding under a rock you should know that FaceBook is the HOTTEST source of targeted traffic out there.


It's more qualified than Google, Bing and Yahoo...


And better still... you can get thousands of visitors for free from Facebook


While most people waste hours manually posting content in the “hope” that it will go viral and bring bucket loads of traffic to their fan page..


...I'm laughing all the way to the bank because I have something “they” don't have



Something that is the “next” level of Facebook Content Automation


...Something that will save you 100+ hours a week scraping content


….....Something that pulls content from the BIGGEST brands/sources online and places it on your fanpage and posts when and how often you want it to...




You know those funky animated games you see on Facebook fan pages.. with an INSANE amount of shares and likes?


Or those animated funny images that everybody loves to share.


These little things are driving HOARDS of free traffic to Facebook Fan Pages...


And FB Gorilla taps right into the 'heart” of it.




Share Super Viral games to your fan pages.

  • Use our 'Drag N Drop' interface to add flash games and publish on fan pages. Highly Unique hard any other plugin does this
  • Use for unlimited Niches. People love to share viral games directing traffic back to YOUR fan page more likes on your fan page.
  • Get to select from a vast selection of games


Share Animated Images (Massiving Sharing Potential)

  • Animated GIFS (animated moving funny images) - Massively sharable and work in any
  • Put in your keywords and FB Gorilla finds related images and publishes them
    at the click of a button
  • Unlimited mega targeted image database to chose from

Super Cool! Publish music albums from iTunes

  • Users click on your fan page, click "I like" this Album, builds up your userbase
  • Allows users to input their itunes affiliate id
  • Earn Commissions sharing music (Super Cool)

iTunes Full Media Module!

  • Fb - Gorilla can share Content From Muliple iTunes source -
    Movies,PodCasts,Music,Music Videos,Audio Books,Short F ilms,TV Shows,Software ,
  • You can include your affiliate link for each piece of content you share..
  • Examples uses! Display Youtube videos, mixed in with his tv shows from iTunes,
    people buy you earn commissions

Make Your FB Page The Content Authority- 5 in 1 Module

  • Yahoo Answer - Publish popular questions and answers based on niches directly to your
    fan page
  • Articles - publish articles related to your specific keywords
  • News - publishes latest news from keywords, so you can keep your fanpage up to date with latest stuff
  • YouTube - Publish videos based on keywords
  • Pictures – Publish popular pictures on your fanpage – all you need to do it put in a keyword

Ever fancied entering the Huge Cooking Niche

  • Recipes - Publishes recipe, people click the link, go to the recipe and learn how to
    make it.
  • The link takes them to the original recipe site, you can still leverage your
    fan page audience on it

Tap Directly Into The Heart of The NY Times

  • Publish Real Up to date content from the New York times- Whoah!
  • Imagine how your fan Page will look the INSTANT authority when you have one of the worlds largest news organization effectively publishing on your page.
  • Publish content directly from the NYTimes. This includes articles, movie reviews, most popular, real estate, and finance
  • Publish event listings – simply enter in the city and any events list for that city will be published on your fanpage

Cash In By Promoting Amazon Products (Works with every country)

  • Publish amazon products via your affiliate link directly onto your fanpages
  • Great way to help monetise your user base
  • Highly relevant products are posted based on the keywords you enter.


Don't waste hours behind the computer having to click “Post” every time you want to launch a campaign.

Thats a foolish way to waste your time.


FB Gorilla has an amazing scheduling function so you can program everything ahead of time.


Got to leave the computer to spend time with your family...? - No problem!


Want to spend time working on your next project while FB Gorilla does all the 'hard grind' in

the background... now you can.




I'm going to be totally honest and frank with you... and a little blunt.


FB Gorilla was designed to be a higher price project, developed privately for one of our corporate clients.


It's way underpriced at the current offer – which makes it an absolute steal for you!


So we are running a very time sensitive offer which allow us to offer the FB Gorilla Plugin at the lowest price ever.


Come back later and it will be released at $197/year.



FB Gorilla - Facebook Automation Like Never Before



Facebook is growing at lightning speed  - just think how many of your friends use Facebook every day? Take advantage of this amazing offer right now.


FB Gorilla - Facebook Automation Like Never Before




Tap into the hottest traffic source since Google ten years ago.


And remember - the clocking is ticking.


On the 14th December we will be rasing the price to $67/month. Order now for a massive discount.




P.S - Facebook is the BIGGEST targeted traffic source ever and FB Gorilla will help you leverage and monetize this like never before


P.P.S - Where else have you ever seen a plugin that shares super viral flash games, publishes to New York Times and another 12 content sources. FB Gorilla is the most advanced plugin out there by a country mile.




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